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I had a need for the same IC a while back to repair a broken 7T11 that I had acquired. I was unable to buy the chip from anywhere and so I made a replacement using a couple of LT1361 dual opamp chip soldered on to a 16 pin IC socket (thanks to David Whess from the group for suggesting the particular opamp I used). If you search the TekScopes archives you should be able to find a thread titled "Looking for a Tek custom IC, 155-0035-00, quad opamp" that I started on 30th August 2015 which discusses this. The experiment was a success. Eventually, my 7T11 worked fine using this contraption! Although, I must say that I have subsequently replaced it with a genuine 155-0025-00 that I salvaged from a 7T11 spare board I bought on ebay, that is just because I am a bit of a perfectionist. It worked just as well with the "homemade" one.

The attached image shows the original device and the one that I made.

Hope this is of assistance.


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Does anyone know where I can find this integrated (Tektronix 155-0035-00 or 155-0116-00)?

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