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Sad to say you will need to find it in another piece of Tektronix test equipment if e.g. QService or other sources of Tektronix parts does not have it in stock.

That's where most of us find parts - in equipment that is not repairable because e.g. the CRT is worn out or broken, or the case is very badly damaged or some unobtainable part has failed.

No I don't think I have one either. I believe it was used in both the 7T11 and the 7L12. I think it may have been replaced by the TL074 (JFET quad op-amp) in later versions of the 7T11A, so you may perhaps be able to use that instead or another quad op-amp that has the same pinout.

The full details of the 155-0035-00 and the 155-0116-00 (same bi-polar op-amp, different packaging) can be found in the "Tek Made" pdf that can be found on the internet so you should be able to work out a substitution.

Good luck

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Does anyone know where I can find this integrated (Tektronix 155-0035-00 or 155-0116-00)?

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