Re: Opto Coupler Help?

David Berlind

Thanks Ed (and thank you EVERYONE.. such great group of people here), yes,
that is part of my plan. One issue however is that I'm 99% positive that
the switch is fried. The amp is stuck in dirty mode. So, right now, I
can't use the switch to toggle between clean and dirty in a way that I can
test the OCs in the clean circuit.

Plan A is to see if a footswitch will successfully toggle the two circuits.
If that doesn't work..

Plan B involves fixing the switch, I'll have to remove the circuit board
(to get the solderings on the underside) which requires me to pull all the
tubes and disconnect all "external" connections (transformers, reverb tank,
speaker, etc.). So, if I do that to fix the switch, then I have to put it
all back together again to properly test. Then, once I test, I will likely
have to pull it apart again. So, maybe I'm fantasizing,.. but I am trying
to figure out how I can run some decent tests while it's altogether so that
maybe, I only have to pull it apart once.

Plan C Just to shotgun all the OCs and get it over with.

Also, the 9V battery shortcut just seems like fun to try anyway.

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