Re: Can we talk safety for a moment?

jafinch78 .

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 01:25 pm, Richard R. Pope wrote:

Meter Box/es be ungrounded but the Neutral was bonded on the inside of the
Meter Box.
Same in down state Michigan. Forgot about the section regarding the neutral being bonded with a screw in the service panel. I'm guessing that bonds the neutral in the meter box per the wiring spec. Inspector or the Utility Company didn't explain that as I had them on the phone more than once to make sure. For some reason I'm visualizing conduit running between the breaker box and meter box is the same as a ground wire being need... though guessing code notes since the earth ground is bonded at the service panel with neutral bonded at the service panel that is what is required. I'll have to look. I think I need to draw out, read or watch an example of the range of scenarios to visualize the logic since still seem not crystal clear. One ground rod was only required per code so was in spec, though I added a second relating to the 16' distance of the ground rod sphere of influence I think was the term. I'm going off memory. Gas line seemed strange to me to have a ground wire going to the service panel bonded.

Seems to me needs to Mu-Metal, MetGlas or something like 99.5% pure Iron annealed with Hydrogen since the RF looks insane... especially the magnetic field.

Actually, I was thinking to modify the TDS-520 experimentally to run off pure DC battery power to clean up noise and see how that effected performance.

I want to comprehend more the impedance logic for the copper work surface grounded also. As I'm planning on constructing a Faraday Cage and before Dad died... he mentioned I should bury a intermodule shipping container wrapped in concrete footed well of course and meeting code plus extra thickness with other sheilding like lead or ferro-carbon materials added in the mix at least the outer layer well below the frost line. Some installations sounded like they'd metal line the outside actually and have dampening systems around as I was thinking active noise cancelling attenuators on springs might be a novel design. Figure I'd have to do some mesh and exotic baffling for the air exchange and run the system of battery's... most likely wind and solar with disconnects when not charging or opto-couplers. No need for sewage since technically would be a "root cellar" "farm building" "radio shack" Anechoic chamber faraday cage. Not in budget though yet.

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