Re: Tek 465B Preset Potentiometer Problems

Ed Breya

Pots and switches in old equipment often have contact problems, but you don't necessarily have to replace them. First try working them over by turning the wiper through the entire mechanical range - a lot of times back and forth, perhaps dozens to a hundred times. Then see if they can be set properly. If not, then replacement is needed. This action helps to cut through insulating films that may form over time, restoring operation.

Same with switches - work them through all their positions/states lots of times, and watch for improvement in action. Sometimes contact cleaners/lubes will help, depending on type.

BTW to avoid damaging trimmer pots especially, use a screwdriver tip that fits the slot well, and avoid over-torquing at the ends, so the (usually plastic) features don't get chewed up.


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