Re: Can we talk safety for a moment?

jafinch78 .

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 04:35 am, John Griessen wrote:

I don't remember such a rule in the 2004 elec code
Yeah, I've been grilled with implementing systems and methods to meet and exceed U.S. Regulatory CFR, USP/NF, EP, NIST, or whomever dealing with Standard's and... man... the self regulatory industries like law enforcement, health care and certain I guess union attorney regulated agencies rackets can override codes if no one enforces.

My recollection is still National Code to bond meter box to ground. I even have a wire that was cut by and not re-attached by them, though something to do with the one Utility Company... Indiana Michigan Power in my investigation. Code Inspector said the same thing that is unique to them if I recall correctly.

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