Re: Can we talk safety for a moment?

Tom Gardner

On 19/02/18 04:11, Chuck Harris wrote:
Anyone that thinks there will be a scream when a person
is being electrocuted, is going about this from an entirely
theoretical perspective.

As one who has made contact with things I shouldn't have,
and lived to tell the tale, you instantaneously lose all
control over your body PERIOD!

If it is AC, you get the profound privilege of silently
watching yourself die. You can't let go, your arm muscles
grip harder and harder. Your chest muscles are also contracting,
driving the air out of your chest, leaving no way for you to
cry out. AC shocks are called a "crush injury" because all
of your affected muscles contract, and they can quite literally
crush and break your bones.
From personal experience I believe that.

As a kid my left hand touched neutral and my right hand
very lightly brushed against 240VAC. Both biceps instantly
and uncontrollably contracted, my hands hit my upper
arms - and I broke the circuit.

No harm done, but it was a close call that has stuck in my

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