Re: Can we talk safety for a moment?

jafinch78 .

On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 10:57 pm, Richard Knoppow wrote:

I'm sorry I ever posted anything here. What rudeness.
Don't get all emotionally magnified, the guy is from Mexico or something.

Let's get back to logic and be more wise.

As I've found over the years with electronics there is a broad discipline like my background in chemistry and CIS.

In regards to electronics and electrical engineering there is still a broad range of "system specific applications" as well as "subject matter expertise."

Try to consider the systems being detailed or we can all try to elaborate more.

For starters we can think of AC or DC. Then maybe lets say high or low Voltage or Current of AC or DC.

Then Analog and Digital. Then there are Waveforms.

Then there are processes to deal with all the electric and magnetic fields and charges in static and dynamic ways.

I enjoy the different perspective if not misleading or wrong and not corrected or clarified for the system.

I usually think from a systems analysis and application development process generally of inputs, processes and outputs.

Then in regards to the system there are internal, boundary and external variables.

Maybe that will help because I think there is an issue with say systems like for example welding power commercial processes, residential consumer processes, aircraft processes and portable radio processes.

Sure beats watching youtube and finding musical hard drives, CD players and other hacking of devices to make sounds and talk through. Annoying when everyone is scared away from the discussion topic of hacking and I'm trying to self learn ES/TS turned EW weapons signals analysis.

I want to learn safety to defend from and healthy ways to collect evidence about the ES/TS turned EW weapons stuff. For some reason the mass media stopped the discussion lately of the Cuban Embassy Diplomats and Families being assaulted with serious mental facility harm and other bodily harm and there isn't much online and I fear that is what is mass murdering the elders that are valid thinkers. Let's share about and learn safety.

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