Re: Can we talk safety for a moment?


It's not only dangerous but also completely impractical to work on a
metal surface.
You'll short everything out that isn't in it's enclosure.
Only a fool would cover his electronics workbench in copper, look no
further than AvE for proof.
Besides, the copper is uncomfortably cold to the touch, and would cool
your coffee in no time.

I think you have already covered most topics, isolation transformer,
GFI, defeat of GFI by isolation transformer, etc...

The only thing I can add is that a blast shield might come in handy.
After a colleague shot a capacitor in his face, he was lucky it missed
his eye, we built simple covers from impact resistant polycarbonate at
work. Just a sheet with the front bent over to form a foot, and at the
rear two plastic rods as feet. This allows cables and probes to pass
It is really useful when you power something iffy for the first time.
You can just put it over the work and watch closely without any
danger. Not useful for everything, but for the power supply work I do
it works great.

Don't underestimate the mechanical dangers. Shrapnel, electrolyte, arc
flash in high power circuits, etc.
I would wager the most common injury from electric shock is actually
mechanical trauma from the surprise reaction or cuts or hitting


On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 3:16 AM, Kevin Oconnor <> wrote:
I think suggesting grounded copper foil on an electronics workbench is a general bad idea. If u need RF shields, build a separate faraday cage. Grounding your workbench surface for anything other than high-Z static protection is akin to standing in a puddle of water, as you will almost invariably be placing a body part on that bench ground. You have defeated the first line of defense of isolating your body. Do you really want to rely on a GFI as a first line defense? It’s the equivalent of using a grounded copper wire as an ESD protector. Your first mistake may be fatal. I prefer the odds of making 2 consecutive mistakes in my shop.

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