Re: 570 CRT technology.

Sebastian Garcia

In fact I see that VintageTek site is hosting Keller's article "Tek CRT

There (part 3) it confirms that the type 570 CT uses a T52 CRT, also coded
as 5CAP.

Still, the available 5CAP1 datasheet is about a CRT with 8 cm useful
vertical scan.

Any comment will be appreciated, as I may be missing something.


Sebastian Garcia wrote:

OK Chuck, thank you very much.


Chuck Harris wrote:
I am sure there must have been something, but I am not
aware of it.

Look at the tekmuseum website. They have a lot of esoteric
things, even a X-Y display card that puts the tektronix logo
on the screen of any oscilloscope.

-Chuck Harris

Sebastian Garcia wrote:
Hi Chuck,

This is the kind of *technology* information I'm looking for; the
of the original post.

Is there any reference document/book describing/comparing Tek CRTs of

Best regards,

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