Re: Tek 2430A - please tell me it's a good scope... :]


On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 10:01 am, Marcin Marzeta wrote:
My first post here. I'm in Poland and I design and build tube guitar amps.
Welcome. I'm also in Poland though I don't design and build guitar amps :-)

Yesterday I snapped and bought a 2430A. I think I really need built-in
measurements as they make life easier. The problem is I'm not sure if I made a
good choice... 2430A I bought looks fully working with all originall manuals
and even probes, very good condition. So I'm actually looking for a general
opinion on the model - is it a good one?
It was a pretty decent portable digital scope in the early 1990s. I have one too which I still use regularly. I like it because it drives like the 2465 analogue scopes I'm used to, and because the first ever digital scope I used as an apprentice was a 2430. I remember having to ask special permission to get it out of a locked cupboard and use it. Now I have my own I don't have to ask anyone!

Even cheap modern digital scopes will beat it on the kind of specs that get obsessed over in some fora (record length, number of waveforms per second, that sort of thing). However, those things don't matter very much in everyday use, especially if you're used to an analogue scope and use the digital one as a sort of enhanced version of it. The 2430A, being an expensive unit when new, is relatively free of the strange vices and software bugs that can plague some modern scopes. While it has different limitations, it also has some features which are harder to find these days such as the peak detection and roll mode.

While not necessarily the best tool for analogue work (there lots of things on an analogue waveform it won't necessarily see as well as an analogue scope, for example a megahertz burst of instability on an audio-frequency sine wave) it should serve you well when you do want the digital features and measurements.


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