Re: Did Tek produce a "normal" d.c. to 50 GHz scope that one could easily poke around with ? { vs. the 11801 / 11802/ 11803, CSA 803 series }

Leo Bodnar

You are probably thinking of DL-11?
Another delay line trick I have used is inserting it into the circuit under test before the stage/driver you are working on but tapping the trigger off before the DL. This way observed signal is delayed but the driver remains undisturbed (assuming it can tolerate degraded risetime at the input.) This will break most systems but is useful for characterising the driver/interconnects performance.

On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 07:00 am, cmjones01 wrote:

I've built the delay lines from a scrap 11802 into my CSA803A, and they have a trigger pickoff
output. Their risetime is about 70ps, bandwidth thus about 5GHz. I think Tek
made the same thing in its own box and called it the DL-1.

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