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Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

What's Windows Explorer? Is it one of those fringe
things like Linux?

From time-to-time, I have to distribute PDF files to
customers so I can get paid. The worst problem is with
those using Windows, where everything (but malware) is
viewed as being potentially dangerous.

In the beginning, I sent PDF's as email attachments,
and it always worked. Then one day, someone found a
vector in the PDF that could be used by malware, and
PDF's got bounced. So, I would send PDF's wrapped in
zip format... which worked for a while, until someone
found a vector in the zip format that could be used
by malware, and that bounced. So now, I send PDF's
wrapped in RAR format, and it just works. For now.

For some reason, I refuse to send my invoices in MSWORD
doc format.

I'm of the opinion that if someone is gracious enough
to share a file with the group, and they use a widely
available and standard format, it might be up to us to
work out the usually trivial way to open the file.

I remember the days when arc and zip were encumbered by
patents, and the freedom loving folk among us used ZOO
to distribute our files.

-Chuck Harris

Malcolm Hunter wrote:

The point I'm trying to make is zip files open without using any
third-party software. It's integrated into Windows Explorer and probably
most other modern operating systems' file managers.


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