11301/11302 Available in the SF Bay area?


I just logged into this new group system so I don't know if it has PMs, but it looks like it does, so please contact thru PM if you have an 11301 or 11302 that functions, are in the SF Bay area, and would like to unload. I have that that doesn't work. It powers on, etc, I can do some levels of calibration, etc, but ultimately the enhanced modes fail, etc. I played with it quite a while before giving up. I've been kicking around re-capping it starting with the acquisition board but: 1) there are many caps; and 2) those that I've inspected closely and tested look fine. The basic problem is that it has what appears to be a horizontal retrace issue that makes the display look horizontally thick. I can take it out with some display adjustments, but then the thickness remains in the trace even though the characters are now sharp. I have all the software, etc. I think repairing this beast without schematics (not available) even if I found some bad caps, would be hopeless. I have a DSA602 so I scavenged the inserts. I have the shell sitting in my workshop. With the exception of the DOCXO, if someone needs parts, I would gladly pull them, assuming I don't need it for the rest of my note.

But I sort of like the beast and would like to keep a 400Mhz analog scope around for checking modulation. Though I have a bunch of digital scopes, I find getting a decent modulation envelope on them to be difficult vs an analog scope. Also two-tone SSB traces are easier to sync in my opinion on an analog scope and damn it, now that I have an 11301, I want one that works!!!

Anyway, there are often units on eBay that are either overpriced (or outside my budget), untested, etc, and given my experience with this one, I don't want to take a risk. Since the thing is huge (I mean, can someone tell me why they put a handle on the side?) I don't want to pay shipping either.

So again, if you have a functioning 11301 or 11302 and you want it let it go for a couple hundred without inserts, let me know.

I know I'll regret this.


btw: I don't understand how the accounts came over. My prior account was an old email address jehancoc from being at Cisco that I added a 'Y' to the end, jehancocy@... but it looks like my personal email came over. No complaints, just curious.

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