Re: Thank you for Advice on ELECTRONIC LOADS


Not really OFF-TOPIC when you consider the need to test all those Tek PSU modules properly! The great thing is that if you have a PSU with an over-current trip going off lower than it should you can quickly determine that.

It used mine for precisely that purpose last year; I had an electronic PSU for a camping fridge (CampingGaz) to check out that kept tripping. I found that while the PSU apparently could deliver its rated output current (5A), it ONLY JUST ABOUT made it and in the real world of the fridge load (probably non-linear at power-on due to motor start conditions) it mostly just crapped out, so appeared to be continually failing. I didn't find a schematic so couldn't be bothered to work out which component was causing the problem.... it wasn't mine and the owner just bought another one!


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