Re: TM500 / 5000 Extenders


Hello group!
For anyone that is interested in these extenders, either fully built or parts, I ran out of everything from the Amazon orders. I'm sorry that I had to give the Amazon orders priority, but Amazon really takes the "ship within 3 days" seriously so I had to scramble to get those 20 built / tested / shipped.
For anyone that got one late, I'm sorry about that. I really had no idea that I would sell more than a few a month!
I have bought new PC boards and I have all parts on hand for another 20 - except for the 56 pin edge connectors, which are due by the first week in Feb.
If anyone has a source for that connector I could sell you everything else right now (either built up or parts). Otherwise, once I get those and finish up another batch of boards I'll be getting in touch with group members FIRST, then I'll put more up on Amazon after that. Several of you are out of the USA so I want to try to get boards shipped to you (Amazon is not set up for outside USA).
FYI - the new batch of boards I got with YELLOW mask... they look pretty cool but I am a little disappointed that the silkscreen (black) is not as easy to read. I have some of the blue boards left, but after that they will be yellow.
THanks again for the great interest in these. If anyone has any suggestions for changes, let me know. I am making small tweaks now for the next version (if I need more).
Or any other type of boards that people might like, I'm up for that, too.

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