Re: TM500 / 5000 Extenders


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The TM500/5000 interface connectors are *incompatible* with the 5000-series o'scopes.
Just don't.

It's not only a matter of mechanical fit - as Tektronix has wisely prevented incorrect insertions by design - the aforementioned notches.
Pins A1 to A13 and B1 to B13 are completely incompatible - the mentioned +200 VDC supply present at pin A1 on the 5000-series o'scopes is just one example of many incompatibilities.

You have been warned...



On 24/01/2018 07:18, dnmeeks wrote:

I have no idea but I suspect they aren't compatible. If it helps, I uploaded a drawing showing the pinouts for the TM500/5000. The file is Tek500_5000_Pinouts.png.
There are a couple of signals that use multiple pins. Do you know if the connectors are the same (56 pins)? And there are keys that should prevent plugging a module into a non-compatible socket. On the TM500/5000, they are keyed between pins 6 and 7 (from the bottom).

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