Re: Introducing a new Facebook page

John Brown

The FB Old Tek Scopes group should nicely compliment this site.

FB is what you make of it. I have mine limited to FAMILY only and not all of them. Think I have 22 or so 'friends'. When I get the occasional invite or request I simply say I'm sorry but my policy is ... And I don't even get too may invites cause my settings are locked down. Limited in that way it's a wonderful way to share photo and videos and stories of interest to family only. I ignore the news feeds.

Now with groupsio searching messages is a pleasure. But had the group stayed on Yahoo it wasn't that much (any?) better than FB. A BIG future groupsio issue is the photo search or lack thereof. Still better overall than Yahoo.

And, must say, I don't quite understand not using FB 'for political reasons'. But that's probably just as well.

Really liking groupio vs Yahoo!!

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