Tektronix auction TODAY JAN 24th- from FB post by Lloyd Ewing

Peter Mulvey

Post from Lloyd Ewing in FB copied below as may be of interest to those in Texas:

Does anyone out there live in the Austin Texas area? I just found this group, and I would like to know if there are other local people who collect vintage test equipment. Or could you suggest other groups where I might be able to find local people? (I know about the local ham radio groups.)

There is currently an auction at the University of Texas in Austin which has 14 vintage scopes for sale (sold as a lot). The auction ends today Wednesday Jan 24 at 1 PM, and I can't bid on this item because I do not have the storage space.

I apologize for not posting this info earlier. I hope that I can find other local collectors in case something like this happens again. (My local phone in reverse is 3987638.)


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