Re: Serial number location for 7603


Wow, thank you for the interest in my problem. Dave Casey, Dave @Artek Manuals, Dave Wise, DaveD ..... so many Daves .... 😀

To answer a few of your questions ....

I live in Melbourne, Australia ....

The Sticker on my scope is in the correct position, looks like the Tek sticker in photos above, has the number 106586 written on it .... no “B” ..... no “H”.

Also, I found a Sticker with Guernsey Islands on it, amongst the multitude of coloured stickers ...... didn’t for a minute think that it may have been manufactured there. That one I will now leave intact.

It has the Fan option.

So.... it would seem that I have a Guernsey Island manufactured 7603 number 106586. That’s a great start. Thanks to all.

UK Manual??? I am away from Home at the moment (picking up another 7603), so I will start Googling for a UK manual when I get Home.
Does anyone have one, or suggest a web site??
Dave @ Artek .... is your later version manual for sale or a freebee web site??


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