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Dave,Interesting device. Thanks for sharing it with the group.George

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OK, that makes a lot of sense.  I was confused by the fact that there were no thru ports for electrical, and that the container seemed ill-suited for whatever the sensor assembly was detecting. The container does have an o-ring.  
Thanks All for the info; I wasn't getting much searching, maybe because I was using duckduckgo.

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Subject: Re: [TekScopes] OT: But still techie... what is it? There are
Google search found that it is a " Focused Mesh Multiplier (MM-1). For
pulse counting or current measurement of electrons, ions, UV or x-ray
photons, and energetic neutral atoms or molecules."  The can is just a
shipping container for protection of the delicate assembly and may be
filled inert gas or vacuum for shipping. Is there an o-ring or gasket on
the can? - george

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How does one deal with this?   What is it? Updated 12:09

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