Re: Serial number location for 7603

Phillip Potter

Here you go, and thanks for the prompt, Dave Casey!;p=Name,,,20,1,0,0

On 1/22/2018 5:50 PM, Dave Casey wrote:
On the 7603, 7613, and probably others, the serial number is a sticker just
like the ones found on the plugins. It is not stamped, nor is it on one of
those inserts like other equipment (7854, 2336, 492, etc). How many of my
7603's would you like pictures of as proof?

Dave Casey

On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 7:27 PM, Dave Wise <> wrote:

The sticker is likely a property ID tag having nothing to do with S/N.
Serial numbers were stamped in metal, on the front panel itself for early
products, later on a slug that was press-fitted into the panel.

Dave Wise
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On 1/22/2018 7:33 PM, tinkera123 wrote:
I acquired a 7603 scope (no plugins) on a "Parts only, not working"
basis. It was/is (??) going to be a 'parts provider' for my other 7603.
Opened it up to have a quick look at the state of the electronics and
familiarize myself with the Board positions, Tek numbering system etc..
Pleasantly surprised to find it seemingly intact, no sign of changed
components, and only a surface layer of dust throughout.
I can identify the Boards easily enough. The last numbers are all
greater than those in the Manual I downloaded eg 670-1382-03 in Manual
versus my 670-1382-08 The 08 is printed onto a white square.
the 670-1382- board is the A10 rectifier board my manual shows REV K
and 670-1382-06 for serial numbers B25000 and above

My questions:-
Is my Scope a later version????
Or have the Boards been refurbished????
Could be either no way to tell for sure

Does anyone have a web site reference to a later version of this
Manual???? Mine states "Nov1977 hi-res" and contains photos and drawings
with a wide variety of dates, July 1974 through to 1977.
Where do I find the Tek Serial no????? I can find a Tek sticker on the
chassis under the Plugins, at front .... 106586 , but the Tek Serial no:
seems to be preceded by a letter B ......?????

The "B" indicates it was manufactured in the Beaverton, Oregon , USA.
The "10xxxx" units without the "B" were manufactured in Guernsey Island
in the UK. Where are you located ? It is unusual but not unheard of for
UK units to show up in the USA, If your in the Europe, probably a UK
unit. Typically but not always the UK units had a separate manual. and
some slight changes ( 50Hz /240V power etc) .

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