Leaking capacitors once again.


Even though it was working properly at the time, back in 2011 I preemptively replaced all of the surface mounted electrolytic capacitors in my 1992 vintage 492BP. In doing so I found a few that had already leaked, and I recall there was one spot where I had to replace an etched through circuit trace with a piece of wire. After having not used it for awhile I powered it up last week and was greeted with frequency control function errors, so I took a look inside and quickly found more leaking capacitors, this time they are axial lead 109D tantalums. I plan on replacing all such caps in the entire unit, but an online search for replacement tantalums with the same ratings shows prices around $33.00 EACH! These caps appear to be power supply bypasses on various circuit boards although I haven't looked at all of the schematics to confirm if that is always the case. That would seem to be a relatively non critical circuit function, but does anyone know for sure if good quality electrolytics could be substituted?

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