Re: OT: Sunon SP100A 115V fan (0.26A) in a 240V unit


Random thought, use the 120V mains winding on the transformer as an auto transformer just for the fan ?


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On 15 Jan 2018, at 13:19, David C. Partridge <@perdrix> wrote:

Converting a 120V unit (it's OK with 50Hz) to 240V. Problem is that the fan
is a 115V unit (p/n 1123XBT).

I initially thought of a resistor in series, but I'm thinking that would
dissipate a LOT of power (470R resistor with 120V across it would dissipate

I then considered maybe a capacitor in series but wasn't quite sure what
value I'd need - initial thoughts suggested about 6.8uF - does that sound
right and would it even work?

Other than replacing it with a DP200A-2123XBT.GN (the 220/240V version) does
anyone have any suggestions?


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