Re: OT: need special water line adapter or fittings

Ed Breya

Update. I'm up at the farm and have been digging through fittings and parts - finding things that haven't seen the light of day for years - but still can't find my "official" jars of compression fittings (but a number of loose ones are mixed in, so OK). Since there are apparently none of the "special" fittings I described available, it looks like the best option is a tight-radius pre-bent section of tubing, cut to fit. I even found a couple of pieces of old tubing already bent possibly about right. I've also got plenty of fresh tubing, my bending springs and sand, torch kit, and all kinds of various fittings, so I'm confident I can come up with a nice solution.

I tend to get carried away on projects like this during the searching phase. Even though I found enough stuff to get by fairly quickly, I took the opportunity to sort out and organize lots of things, and purge items that I realize/accept that I will never use. I got another hundred pounds or so of stuff out, destined for salvage, recycling, and trash. At the same time, I gathered and clarified stuff for some other ongoing projects. For example, out of the HVAC/refrigeration department, I've got most of the parts set aside to finally build my R-134a snorker (recycler/analyzer/recharger). It's only about ten years behind schedule.

So thanks all, for the suggestions. I'll report on the results when it's done. BTW, when I was younger, it would have been no big deal to rip out some wall and/or crawl under the house and redo the plumbing, but as the saying goes, I'm gettin' too old for this %$^. I can still do that if absolutely necessary, but I'd rather not.


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