Raparing my "new" 547 Tel scope


Hi everyone, new guy in town here....

I just purchased an old tek 547 that I started restoring and I just had the first BIG problem I guess.... When I purchased it it did work to some extent, it did fire up, tough the trace and triggering didnt seem very good. I thought the best thing to do as a first step was to give it the so called "wash" as it is suggested in the manual.

I took all the tubes out and carefully labeled them so that they would go back to their original position. Covered the transformer to make sure it wouldn´t get wet and proceeded with the wash, very carefully with a little bit of dish soap diluted in water and then rinsed it out. I tried to use the least water possible. Then I put it at full sun (here its summer) for around two days and then inside the house for another four days or so.

Today I tried to fire it up for the first time using a current limiter just in case something was screwed up, so that i wouldn`t damage the scope but it didnt turn on at all and the lamp from the current limiter turned lighted up at full bright! ...so i guess something is wrong. Sadly.

I`m not sure how to start finding out what the problem is, without taking risks of further damaging the scope. I`m a bit of an amateur, though i´ve built a few tube amplifiers, so, I know the basics.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much.


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