Re: Are these Tek or HP parts?

Fabio Trevisan

Hello Daniel,
I think neither...
It's an accesory that used to come with some electric drill machine, to use
with flat screwdriver bits.
IIRC, it was black & decker.
The acessory would prevent the bit from slipping from the screw's head.
It was specially useful with older, constant velocity drill machines,
because they would turn too fast that it was nearly impossible to keep the
screwdriver in the screw head's slot.
The accessory's spring action would kip it around the screw's head, while
pressed against the surface being screwed.

On Jan 9, 2018 6:39 PM, "Daniel Koller via Groups.Io" <kaboomdk=> wrote:

Hi Folks,
Please see the picture in
What are these parts? Because of their color, I want to make sure they
are not some obscure Tek scope part before I discard them. There are two
of them, and one is show disassembled (I think the glue line broke). The
washer goes in the narrow end, followed by the spring, and then the cap.
Does anyone know what these are?


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