TM500 / 5000 Extenders


I've offered these in the past. I made them for my own use, and for forum members. Since then I have become an Amazon seller so I've added the new updated version of the extenders there (see link below). I'm selling the fully built set for $45. For group members, I will sell the bare PC boards, or the PC boards with the SMT components on them, if anyone wants it in kit form. Email me off list if you're interested in the "kit" option.
If you get just the PC boards, you will need the 60 pin sockets, ribbon cable (w/ connectors), board pullers (optional), and the 56-pin edge connector (and optional polarizing key between pins 6 and 7).
I could even put together a complete kit for fellow Tek-heads, again just email me off-list and we'll figure it out.
I am not trying to make a profit, just giving back to the group. The Amazon fully-built set takes a bit of time to build (about 200 solder connections) which is why I'm asking $45 for it.
Link to Amazon:

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