Re: First draft of the Tek knob visual index project


On Sun, Dec 31, 2017 at 09:39 pm, Richard Knoppow wrote:

    I think there are some people who do not have a mail server that
Thunderbird or other mail clients can connect to. I agree its much
better to use a mail client for mailing lists and I happen to use
Thunderbird also.

Yes, that's precisely my issue. I have many domains with domain level rules, and no modern mobile email client can handle it correctly. Therefore, it's just much simpler to login to a webpage. I use any device that's near me or on me to read emails, but I have to wait to get to a PC in order to reply. It's a PITA, but redoing a bunch of domain rules just to make that work, isn't something I'm interested in doing right now. (can't stand typing on mobile devices anyhow, lol.)

Thanks for all the suggestions, they will help down the road!


(some of you may remember Eudora, wonder whatever happened to them...)

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