Re: 7704A Mainframe Panel Lights No-Op

Harvey White

On Tue, 02 Jan 2018 17:43:38 -0800, you wrote:


You nailed it! Would have blown right by that in my rush to get to the A32 board to check the +5V supply! So, articulating it a few times brought the lights back. Talk about feeling really dumb!

Well, that gets me back to square one but with a little more knowledge than before. The individual B SOURCE TRIGGER lights don't work but I have reason to suspect that it is the +5 lights connection to board 14. One rainy weekend, I will tear down the front and poke around with a probe but, for now, that's good enough!

Sincere thanks! As good as the service manuals are, they do not seem to address these trivial problems in a readily researchable manner.
The military, or at least the defense contractors, had the desire to
have smart diagnostics carried out by something resembling a data
tablet. You'd plug it into an aircraft, and it would interact, do
tests, and then recommend the proper repair procedure. Given the
amount of smarts in a 7000 series mainframe (and guessing how much
space is left in the only one that *had* a processor in it), the plug
in diagnostic link wouldn't be possible.

However, a decision tree on a per-topic basis would be possible, at
least to some extent. It couldn't be hosted in the scope, but could
be hosted in another piece of equipment.

Possible to do, but I'm not sure how easy. Given the basic logical
framework implementing the decision tree, you could adapt it to any
number of projects, but how close that logic could get is another

The accuracy and depth of the decision tree for troubleshooting varied
from manual to manual, if it was there at all. Lately, it of course
goes to "replace Axxx board", or "return to factory for repair".


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