Re: 7704A Mainframe Panel Lights No-Op



You nailed it! Would have blown right by that in my rush to get to the A32 board to check the +5V supply! So, articulating it a few times brought the lights back. Talk about feeling really dumb!

Well, that gets me back to square one but with a little more knowledge than before. The individual B SOURCE TRIGGER lights don't work but I have reason to suspect that it is the +5 lights connection to board 14. One rainy weekend, I will tear down the front and poke around with a probe but, for now, that's good enough!

Sincere thanks! As good as the service manuals are, they do not seem to address these trivial problems in a readily researchable manner.

William, k6whp
"A friend told me to cheer up, things could be worse.
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