Re: Need to borrow 5L4N and 7L18 manuals to scan

Artekmedia <manuals@...>

Chuck rt all

I know there is a final 7L18 manual. Somewhere I have the 070-xxxx-xx part number for it written down. You are right in that case there are few if any differences ( I still own a 7L18 myself) .

I understand from a 5L4N owner that the prelim manuals available do not match his unit in a couple of significant places and thus the search for a final version of that one.


On 1/2/2018 10:50 AM, Chuck Harris wrote:
Back in the day, I got my 7L18 manual from Deane Kidd,
at his farm in Oregon. My manual was marked preliminary,
and I asked him about that.

Although I vividly remember the diesel mechanics shop
building, that he had built for his son and repurposed
as a tektronix manual library, and I distinctly remember him
searching and finding the 7L18 manual on the vast shelves of
manuals, I am a little fuzzy on the following:

He either told me that the preliminary manual was the same
as the final, or he told me that there never was a final
version of the 7L18 manual.

From having used the manual, I can say that it was vast and
extensive, but it also seemed incomplete in some ways...

-Chuck Harris

Artekmedia wrote:
HNY everyone !

I am looking for service manuals for the 5L4N and 7L18 spectrum analyzer plug-ins for
the 5000 and 7000 series scopes respectively. What I need are the final full release
versions of these service manuals. There are free downloads out there that of the
"PRELIMINARY" service manuals of both these units . I have my own scan of the prelim
7L18 and there is a copy of the prelim 5L4N on one of the better known free download
sites. PLEASE DO NOT POINT ME AT THESE ! What I need is a OEM Paper copy of the full
up final release of the manuals. I would like to borrow these to scan with the carrot
of providing a couple of free downloads from our web site as payment for the favor.
In 18 years of doing this I have never lost or damaged a loaner manual so this should
be a low risk proposition. Depending on your current point of view I am fortunately
or unfortunately located in the USA so offers to loan me a manual if you live outside
the USA while appreciated in sentiment are not financially practical.

May the gods of stagnate water smile favorably upon all of you and your offspring in
the year to come


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