8568b YTO problem

Bill Riches

I have three 8568B SAs. One works fine, the other two have the same

8568B - 2503A01022.

Test FX = 441.0 Mhz -10db. (freq and cal readout are right on)

Span 1 Mhz ok - no jitter (pic 1mhz)

Span 1.1 Mhz - jitter (pic 1.1 Mhz) (no YTO Icon)

Span 20.0 no jitter

Span 20.1 Jitter and YTO icon. (pic 20.1Mhz)


Pictures are on my dropbox - taken with Trace in "Max Hold" to show width
of jitter.

I have the complete set of manuals - Troubleshooting and performance tests.

Any suggestions on what section to start?

Any help would be appreciated!


Bill, WA2DVU

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