Re: First draft of the Tek knob visual index project

Michael A. Terrell

There is always Firefox ESR but that has its own set of problems, like losing your bookmarks and browser history.

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If your running the new Firefox version 57 ...many things are broken
...many plug-ins just simply disappeared without warning.. The whole
upgrade process felt eerily like the WIN-10 "free upgrade" of 2015.
Dealing with the FF help desk feels very much like dealing with
Microsquish these days. "We are sorry we dont support this and we dont
support that anymore" ...the bookmark files folders are now Gray
want yellow folders? ....Helen Hunt has them go to hell and hunt.
After two weeks of frustration I switched to Chrome as my default browser.

It was supposed to be faster and it is,  trouble is at 5 seconds a click
savings it will take me years to recover the 96 hours of non recursing
effort I put into trying to get things I need to work right again.

I dont have a dog in this fight, too many variables ..but the link as
posted works here in Chrome not in FF57, It will work in FF-57 if you
remove both the <>. I couldn't get the link to work in IE with or
without brackets?


On 12/31/2017 9:22 PM, Dano wrote:
Totally understand that, but without equal brackets, it doesn't comply with the standard (been in IT for 25 years). Something is getting automagically fixed somewhere, that or automagically broken. I think it's the first, but I don't (won't) use other browsers, so I don't know how they are behaving (or not).

I'm using Firefox, so it's not an uncommon browser, maybe it's a bug.

Seriously, just try hovering over your links, they show unequal brackets. Either both brackets need to be there, or neither.

Not trying to be a pain in the rear, but someone else IS going to have the same problem and not know why. So, I'm trying to help get future links posted, properly. I don't care, I know how to cut and paste to fix it, others might not.




Michael A. Terrell

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