Re: A "collection" with quite a few Tek 'scopes


On 2017-12-31 1:42 AM, Dano wrote:
Yes, in one (possibly more) of his Youtube video's he states his move to Patreon for his "training and educational" videos, if I remember any of it right. I didn't mean to imply he completely moved away from public YouTube, my bad there. But his intent was to provide better structured training videos with some income, can't blame him for that at all. Actually, I looked forward to it because I wanted to learn it, not just watch whatever he decides to demonstrate. I like that too, but that's more informational, than training. Maybe he ended up ditching the whole thing, have no idea.

The timing happened to be when I had other critical things going on, and had to put everything on the back burner. Probably a year ago now. So it was an easy decision just to drop off for the time being. I wasn't a big deal, I just was disappointed because I still wanted to follow along, but absolutely couldn't afford the time or money at that point. A little like paying for a gym membership and never going, been there done that.

Anyhow, I do fully support his endeavor, and when I have the funds to share, I will. I donated to Wikipedia and that tapped me out for now. choices.... sigh...
Ah, thanks for the extra context. I should have checked his Patreon
page, which also answers my question. He announces 37 patron-only posts
there. I guess YouTube is the main promotional avenue for these.

Maybe I should pay a few patronage bucks to see what that material is
like, as an electronics learner!

If Patreon pulls more dirty tricks in 2018 (some feel their business
model/investors will require it) then I'd hope he'll be open to other
funding options.




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