Re: A "collection" with quite a few Tek 'scopes


On 2017-12-30 10:42 PM, wrote:
I really like his video's. He doesn't talk too fast that you can't follow along, if anything he might draw it out too much, but I don't mind that. Plenty of technical details for my skill level.

However, once he switched to Patreon, I dropped off. Is he worth it, I'm confident he is, but not through Patreon, for me. That whole scheme rub's me wrong (the company, not Carlson). I don't believe their propaganda, and their track record isn't exactly stellar. Matter of fact, it just got worse, if they implement the new double-dip pay scheme.
To say he "switched to Patreon" only makes sense if there is
sponsor-only content. Is he actually doing that? If so, he must be
promoting it somewhere or how would we know...

Otherwise just subscribe to his YT, you'll still get notices. And
support him by other means if you don't like Patreon.


Anyhow, I'm glad to hear he's still posting publicly on YT. I'll go back to and see what's new, when I have time to kill...



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