TDS460A Firmware?


Anyone have newer firmware than v1.0e for the TDS460A series?

I'd like to update mine to newer, as I did read there were a few operational bugs fixed. Plus it'd be cool to add FFT option to mine, just cuz...

I know there is newer firmware, from screen shots I've seen on the web, but haven't found a single edition of the firmware on the 'net. Maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing. How did they update the firmware in the field or did they? Floppy, GPIB, Serial, burn it? That'd help narrow my searches, some more, but that's not really the problem here, it's that there isn't that many results to begin with.

It's also possible that the 460A is compatible with the others in that series, but I don't like taking chances when it comes to the firmware. Seems like the 460A is fairly ignored. Tons more info for the non A's, and everything else in that series, but not so much with the 460A. And then, depending on which book you look at there are more models lumped together in this "series". Which one do I believe?!?

Anyhow, if you have newer firmware on file, that'd be great! (said in Lumbergh's voice... office space reference Lol)



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