Re: First draft of the Tek knob visual index project


I will take a look if you send it to me. An email attachment will
work fine or provide a URL.

The only Tektronix 500 series oscilloscope I have is the 547 with a CA
and 1A1 amplifiers. Examination of your PDF will give me an idea of
what kinds of photographs you want.

I also have a Lavoie LA-265A which is a clone of the Tektronix 545A
with the Lavoie clone of the Tektronix CA amplifier. It uses
different knobs which is no surprise so I doubt it would be of any use
for your project but let me know.

On Sat, 30 Dec 2017 12:51:05 -0800, you wrote:

I have a 12 page PDF I can send to anybody interested of the beginning of the project, to show knob pics, data, layout format and other details. It is much too early to post, as only 3 sections are started, but I would like to get comments, error corrections, additional data and any suggestions if you feel like proofing it. just email me (off-list) to get a draft copy.

I especially need good pics of OLDER Tektronix knobs (or knobs I can photograph), from the 500 scope series and related vintage instruments, as I do not have many here, and none have part number data so far. this one area will really need some research work.

all the best for the new year to everybody.
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.

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