Re: Curved CRTs?

Fabio Trevisan

Hi Guys,
Sony indeed made the equivalent of the Walkman as a TV... don't remember
how it was called, let's call it the "TV Man" (as the CD was DiscMan).
But on that mini TV, the beam was projected straight, the only thing is
that the phosphor screen was inclined so that it was viewed from its side,
instead of from its back... and the C.R.T. looking towards the gun, was a
thin rectangle.
Door Security Camera Monitors used this kind of CRT, for many years after
the Sony "TV Man" disappeared (not too long ago I still saw one of those
Door Camera Monitors).

Cheers and Happy 2018 to all.


2017-12-28 20:37 GMT-02:00 David Slipper <softfoot@...>:

Not sure how practical that is.

However, CRTs that had the gun to one side were made - the beam being
bent at right angles, I think, I seem to remember that some guy used
them in a portable TV.


On 28/12/2017 22:10, cheater cheater wrote:
Hi guys,
I wonder why no one ever made CRTs that curve around? Long CRTs are very
thin cones and I wonder if anyone tried "folding" them into a spiral. If
the glasswork were precise enough, the electrons could be led through the
spiral without need for a very long CRT.


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