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Correct names are TeksScopArc and TekScopeArc2

I assume emails to tekscoparc-owner@... / tekscopearc2-owner@... don’t elicit any response?

The first post on TekScopArc was made by a yahoo username of robert_rolf and is worded such that he probably created the group.

Sad to say I can't find a similar startup post on TekScopeArc2

Is it worth searching Tekscopes archive to see if any announcement was made for the creation of these as they were created when the original (stingy) "files" storage allocation ran outl.


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Yes, as I said, no more hair.
I would rather mill the knobs with a dividing head than put myself through that.


On Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 6:59 AM, Kuba Ober <kuba@...> wrote:

Normal Marlin firmware will deal with the gcode of course; it doesn’t care much as long as you’re outputting gcode in coordinates of the printer’s axes. The issue is getting the non-Cartesian gcode. Since the knobs have simple shapes, a straightforward parametric gcode generator script can do the whole thing for output in cylindrical coordinates. I like vagrearg’s gcmc for that.

Another simple idea is to generate the 3D model unrolled onto the hub, i.e. using pseudo-cylindrical coordinates directly: X->axial position, Y->circumferential position, Z->radius. Then the gcode output from a slicer can control such a printer directly with no modifications!

If one were to generate the 3D model in true cylindrical coordinates (Y->angle), the slicer output will have to have the flow factor set at the beginning of each layer to a value proportional to the layer number, and the speed set to a value that’s an inverse of the layer number. That’s to accommodate the growing angle->circumferential position scale the radius increases.


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