Re: Tek Knob Project - scan and make

Kuba Ober

19 dec. 2017 kl. 23:52 skrev Dave Seiter <d.seiter@...>:

That would be an interesting project. I have a Type W plugin that has a split white DC balance knob. IIRC, this is a common problem. I believe there is a similar knob used elsewhere that has the same problem. They should be simple objects to print, but the set screws are really small and I don't have a hex key that will fit.
(It's smaller than .05", which is usually the smallest you see on Tek gear). I was also wondering if it would be possible to print the 7K series backplane connector covers.
I haven't tried printing with ABS yet, although my printer is capable of it.
I’m printing all the way up to high temp materials that print in the 350-400C range. A slow polycarbonate print with thin layers (0.05mm) will look like if it was rough turned :)

But for knobs I might bite the bullet and set up a lathe-like 2DOF mount that could be used to get the nozzle to iron the surface to a presentable smooth texture. It’s not a very complicated implement and save for the stepper, it can be printed! I have the controller board with extra motion channels left precisely for such uses. The DOFs would be rotation along the axis of the knob and tilt so that most any convex surface with off-radial normals can be ironed smooth.

With such a mount it’s also possible to print directly on aluminum inserts!


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