Re: Tek Knob Project - scan and make

Tom Gardner

On 20/12/17 04:52, Dave Seiter wrote:
That would be an interesting project. I have a Type W plugin that has a split white DC balance knob. IIRC, this is a common problem. I believe there is a similar knob used elsewhere that has the same problem. They should be simple objects to print, but the set screws are really small and I don't have a hex key that will fit. (It's smaller than .05", which is usually the smallest you see on Tek gear). I was also wondering if it would be possible to print the 7K series backplane connector covers.
I haven't tried printing with ABS yet, although my printer is capable of it.

-------------------2. Homemade 3D prints in ABS can be vapor smoothed and look beautiful with no other manual post-processing of the print. They can also be painted.

Alternatively, various professional printing services can print those knobs nicely from various materials, for a low cost: the knobs have small volume and that’s what mostly affects the price.
While no expert, I would recommend starting with:
- laser-sintered nylon, which is slightly rubbery, slightly rough (much less than ABS), and comes in a small range of colours
- SLA, which is white, hard and very slightly flexible, very smooth, very high resolution (threads are possible), and comes in white
I used shapeways for the nylon, and dirtypcbs for the SLA, without problems.

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