Re: 7L14 Bad first mixer?

Dallas Smith

Thanks for the response Henad,

I had one of these before it had a catastrophic over voltage which fried many components, don't ask.
The reason I think the first mixer is bad is it has the same display conditions as my old 7L14 with bad mixer.
The greater sign by the -30 ( < -30) means that the variable gain is turned out of the cal position
to some increase of gain. and the noise floor is to high, should be 20 dB lower than shown.
Neat trick, turn the variable gain all the way up, position the vertical position so the -30 reference is at the top graticule line.
You are right, the storage is off, the 'A' and 'B' lights are off. and no video filter selected.
I have repaired first mixers successfully before but the current price now on the action is more than I'm willing to spend.


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