Re: Tek Knob Project - scan and make

Vince Vielhaber

Use the proper materials. Look ma, no bubbles!



Against bubbles, try to use a ultra sonic cleaner ( third tooth bath ).
Should work !


Am 20.12.2017 14:19, schrieb Chuck Harris:
I have done it with a pourable metal filled epoxy to copy
gears with good success.

The big problem is bubble migration. You have to have a
plan for making the inevitable bubbles go away... both in
making the mold, and in making the knob.

-Chuck Harris

Brad Thompson wrote:

On 12/20/2017 8:53 AM, Chuck Harris wrote:
The knobs are plastic primarily for cost of manufacture.

Has anyone explored using RTV silicone rubber to form a mold of an
knob, followed by using the mold to cast a replacement knob using
acrylic resin (or another compound)?


Brad AA1IP

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