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If you look at intact knobs, they usually have a hairline crack on one side. They will survive a long time this way as the crack releases stress in the part. But I suspect the plastic in the knobs has shrunk over time against the aluminum inserts, causing them to eventually break.

On Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 9:31:00 PM CST, Phillip Potter <> wrote:

I have seen many many posts on this thread AND NOW I KNOW WHY!! ;-)

I was working with my (new to me) 7603 with 18 and 18A plugins, when ALL
OF A SUDDEN, the vertical range selector knob BROKE IN HALF... HUH! 
Upon close observation, I find that the knobs on my 18 (and my 18A!)
have been re-glued, some more than once!  So, out came the
juice/solvent/glue bottle and now there is a knob laying on the bench
glued and wrapped; hoping for a better day.

Of course, I went to "" to
find some replacements... only to find the vertical range selector knobs
are out of stock, BUT when they were in stock they were $10.00 each! 

Thank you to those members who are actively searching for a method of
manufacturing replacement knobs!  I now understand the push to get
something working... I wish I could help, but I am really out of my
element when it comes to creation of things.  Breaking them is probably
the only thing I am good at, these days.

What would you say if I have an urge to put some lube into the switch
assemblies in my plugins, to lower the torque needed to turn them? Thoughts?

Thanks for listening,

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