Re: 7A14 Bad first mixer?

Nenad Filipovic

Hi Dallas,

I actually "won" this item in a previous listing, but the seller's reserve
price was not met, so no joy. No second chance offer, the item was just
re-listed a day after, what we're looking at right now. I'm actually
looking for a 7L5 with no luck for almost a year, I bid on this 7L14 out of
despair, kind of.

I would not say the mixer is bad on this one, however the attenuator is not
set as the manual/practice recommends. 10dB of attenuation is offset by +10
dB of IF gain, so the display actually makes sense, if I'm not mistaken.
The noise floor may be a bit higher than expected, not really sure, can't
see the RBW clearly. However something else worries me, digital storage is
off or not working on this one. It is enabled by default on power up, so
you'd need to switch it off deliberately, for eBay pics? Digital storage
performs averaging that shows the noise floor more clearly, a reason to
have it on.

With the current price this one seems a long shot for me, since I'm on the
opposite side of the Planet. If you really want/need it, just pass a
message and I'll stay clear. Whoever goes for it is going to need luck, my
previous bid was ridiculously high for my standard, and still did not crack
the reserve price.

Best Regards,
Nenad Filipovic

On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 8:30 PM, Dallas Smith <> wrote:

Hello, I glad we are now at All my Yahoo accounts have been
Found this on Flea Bay: 282771846825
It looks like the first mixer is bad? The -30 dB gain is turned up to hide
What does anyone think?
Still a good buy, can repair the mixer.


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