Re: Questions regarding new group


On 12/19/2017 1:04 PM, n4buq wrote:
I went to the homepage and can see the tekscopes messages, but am not seeing anything for photos or other files. Are those linked from the homepage?
Yes they are linked to the home page

At the homepage, it has a login link. Do I need to create a membership? I tried logging in as a Google account, but that didn't seem to take me back to the tekscopes homepage and clicking back there didn't expose any new functionality that I saw so am curious what/if I need to do anything else.
Because you are a member of the community does not automatically make you a member of groups .io

YES you need to create a  membership this is not the same as being a Tekscopes member. I know it seems a bit out of sequence but that is because an existing group and it's membership were transferred from Yahoo. If you were a newbie seeking membership you would first join groups .io and then petition for acceptance to Tekscopes ( Yahoo was no different by the way)

Once you are logged in to groups .IO then reopen the Tekscopes home page

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