Not Tek, but scopish, and interesting...


I have broken up a few Data Check multiple rack mounted scopes. These amazing arrays provide up to 7 plug-in scopes in a single rack unit, very interesting little gadgets. they were used to monitor missile telemetry and other many-source lab functions. I am hoping to find a manual for the 1200B version, any luck out there? no web stuff was located anywhere. 7 scopes with full controls in 5 1/4 inches of rack space is pretty impressive.

I use these just for the CRTs ( a rare by very handy miniature rectangular AEG D7-233GY), and scrap all the rest. If anybody wants the little scope assemblies to use with other CRTs, let me know. I can make that happen. Some amazing through hole assembly and packaging in these babies.

Thanks to the hard working Dennis for moving our group to a new home!
all the best.
walter (walter2 -at-
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