What I can help with and what I can't help with


My apologies but I have been so focused on handling all the details of
setting up our new home that I have had no time to "Look around" at how you
get to everything.

Thank you to Craig and Dave Henderson for blazing a trail through the new
pathways to our files and photos. When I have the time I will be using their
suggestions on how to find the files, photos, and archives I am interested

I can clear up a few things about what will be missing. Groups.io cannot
transfer Attachments. Fortunately we didn't have a lot of those.

This is what Groups.io did transfer

* Members
* Messages
* Photos
* Files
* Links
* Databases

Here are some statistics:

1. Total Members Processed: 8582
2. Successfully Added: 7054
3. Bounced Members (Skipped): 1432
4. Moderated Members: 2
5. Members on Digest: 883
6. Undisclosed Emails (Skipped): 28

As I learn more about the transfer and how it went I will report those
details to the group.

That's it for the moment.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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