Tek Knob Project - scan and make

Kuba Ober

Two things came to my mind in relation to the tek knobs index project:

1. Instead of taking just a few photos, a larger number properly exposed photos that cover the entire part from all sides could be used to produce a point cloud and then a 3D-printable mesh. I can cover the subscription cost of the software needed - it’s not exactly cheap.

Alternatively, manual measurements could be made for OpenSCad models - I’m sure that a lot of those knobs are slight variants and easy to model.

I can offer to process 25 knobs a month using either process, resulting in a printable STL file. Over a year or two presumably we could have reproducible models of all knobs that way. Perhaps sorting the work in order of popularity/demand would be useful.

I have 0 clue about such order and would follow whatever input the group has - as long as I wouldn’t have to decide on it. In other words: send me the knobs to process and I will process them and ship them back, but don’t make me choose them :)

2. Homemade 3D prints in ABS can be vapor smoothed and look beautiful with no other manual post-processing of the print. They can also be painted.

Alternatively, various professional printing services can print those knobs nicely from various materials, for a low cost: the knobs have small volume and that’s what mostly affects the price.

Should this be of interest, feel free to message me directly for a shipping address. I will turn around 25 knobs in 30 calendar days and will cover the cost of shipping them back.

All the best, Kuba

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